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10.12.2020 News No Comments

Deliveries to Overaasen AS for Swedavia trucks completed!

This year’s most significant project is completed! During year 2020 ESP has delivered main frames, EP-9 ploughs as well as other components to Overassen AS for 20 Swedavia runway sweepers. This project is remarkable because this equipment will be operated remotely – one driver will be able to guide up to 10 trucks at once.

01.10.2020 News No Comments

Security measures in ESP due to COVID-19 increase

During last weeks we observed again growth of COVID-19. To protect our team and secure our production capacity the following protective measures are implemented in the company:
-    Working hours for different teams are shifted in order to reduce possibility for people to meet in changing rooms;
-    Our financial, logistic and order procurement employees will work from home as much as possible
-    Hand sanitizers and face masks are provided to all employees; wearing of face masks in production is mandatory

27.03.2020 News No Comments

Emergency situation due to COVID-19

Emergency situation is announced by Latvian Government because of COVID-19 epidemy. However it hasn’t direct effect on ESP production so far, we are working and aiming to deliver all agreed orders on time.